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 Trevor William Poate


Author and Photographer



I was born in London in 1955 and moved to Eastbourne in 1968. After leaving school I trained as an accountant and spent much of the next twenty five years working in Africa, the Middle East, North America and Europe. In 2006 I went to Ethiopia as a volunteer financial advisor to the government, and started writing books on my return. 


The first of my books, "Injera and Chips", relates my experiences in Ethiopia. The second, "Today the Garden Blooms", is based on other events that took place in Zambia and Ireland. I have recently published a series of four "Rialdo Kane Investigates" crime mysteries, "The Dancing Dolls", a look at a dystopian future, a book of short stories and "Bounding About the SOL Planetary System", a lighthearted look at what aliens might find should they visit us! 


Throughout my adult life I have been a keen photographer. This website showcases some of my photographs, taken over the last thirty years on my travels, and my published books.